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Weekly Journal Entries

Journal Entry:
During the journal entry session, you will write in your wiki a response to the novel based upon what you have read up to then. Each entry will include the following at the top of the entry: Your name, the name of the novel, the date, and the pages covered in the log entry (minimum 25 pages per entry).


Journal entry will occur once a week and is a chance for you to demonstrate your understanding of your chosen Novel.


How to Write a Journal Response to a Book:

-Tell yourself what happened in your own words.

-Think about how you feel.

- Date the entry.

- Look over criteria that the teacher gave you on Element of Stories.

- Things to write about: Feelings, Connections, Language used by author…

-Start writing--it will come to you as you go.

- Check it over when you're done.

- Repeat for other days.


Questions to consider when as you begin writing your journal entries.

What's going on as the story begins?
Who is telling the story? How does this person’s perspective affect the way the story is told?
What is the setting of the novel? Is the setting important or could the novel be happening anywhere? Why?
What is the initial or first problem faced by the main character?
How does the author get you to read on or hold your interest?
What new things are added to the original problem as the novel progresses?
What plot twists or unexpected events happen as the novel goes on?
Comment on the style of the novel. Is it easy or hard to follow the events?
Is the language in the novel difficult or easy? Give examples and explain.
To what age group is the novel aimed? Support your answer with evidence.
Is there a message or main theme emerging in the book? How is it shown?
Describe any new characters that are introduced? What is their purpose?
What is the climax of the novel?
How are the major and minor conflicts solved?
What were the major things that helped to resolve the plot?
What message did you get from the novel? How was this message conveyed?
Is the novel believable?
Why would you (or why wouldn't you) recommend this novel to a friend?
Why did (or didn't) the novel meet your expectations?


Reminder these should NOT be a summary of the story,

6K's weekly Science Fiction Journal entries.

HICES Team:  a place to share your ideas and arguments

Year 5 and 6 students are reading the novel "The City of Ember" by Jeanne DuPrau this term. Students will have an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions about the book in this course.

Remember if you know the ending, don't give it away!

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