Broughton Intranet Website Information

What is this?

This intranet site is a common place for the entire Broughton community to find any online resouce they may require. Our intranet is built on top of Moodle which is a popular Learning Management System that allows educators to create online dynamic web sites for their students (read more). You will see these dynamic sites on our intranet in the form of courses.

In addition to this we have added a significant amount of non-course based content to allow us to also deliver the resources that would normally appear on a traditional intranet. Instead of having to look for some resources on our Intranet and other resources on eLearning everything is located on one site.

Parent Portal

If you happen to be one of our parents be sure to stop by the parent portal, its intended to be easy to navigate and a contain all the resources you would frequently find yourself looking for such as Newsletters, Policy documents and our Photo Gallery.

Logon as Parent

If you are a parent you will require a username and password to access some areas of this website. Your username is your family name and initially your password is the family code found on any tax invoice you have received from our business office. Once logged in you may change the password to something that is easier for you to remember. As a parent you will find that the student orientated resources such as: studentmail, studentfiles and courses are only accesible with a student account.

Logon as Student

If you are a student simply log on using the same username and password you use at school. Please inform the IRC staff if you are having trouble.


If you would like to provide us with some feedback about the site, we would love to hear what you have to say. Send an email to .