College Store

Opening Hours

MONDAYS 8.00 am - 11.00 am

THURSDAYS 12.30 am - 4.00 pm

TUESDAYS 8.00 am - 11.00 am

Broughton Shop Phone Number: 4633 8221 (answered only during Shop hours)

Some of the many items we have in stock are as follows:

Second Hand Uniforms

Second hand items are sold by the Broughton Anglican College Shop to provide Broughton Anglican College parents with a source of good quality uniform at a reasonable cost, whilst encouraging the maintenance of the existing high standard of the College uniform.

Donations of Second Hand items

- Donations of uniform are gratefully accepted during Shop opening hours throughout the year.

Items to be Sold on Consignment

Broughton Anglican College Shop will only accept uniform items on consignment under the following conditions:

- Items will only be processed at the Shop during the first week of each month throughout the year.
- All items must be accompanied with the owner's full details: Name, address & phone number and instructions regarding the disposal of items which are deemed sub standard by shop staff or remain unsold after a reasonable period.
- All items sold on consignment are priced by the Shop staff.
- Items bearing non-current College crest can no longer be accepted.
- Summer and Winter Items should be sorted into separate bags to speed processing.
- All clothing must be of good quality, in good repair and complete.
- All items must be washed and ironed.
- All blazers must be dry-cleaned.
- All items must be regulation College uniform standard.
- Broughton Anglican College Shop will retain a 40% commission on the GST exclusive price of each item sold.
- Payments by cheque/credit to Fee accounts for sold items will be made twice a year in July & December.